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HydraPower Dynamics

Employee holding a hydraulic hose up to a crimping machine.
HydraPower Dynamics, established in 1983, is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of an extensive array of fluid power products. Based in Birmingham, UK, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence, reliability, and innovation in fluid power technology. 

With a reputation for delivering high-quality products including hydraulic hose assemblies, metal tube assemblies, power packs, and test rigs, HydraPower Dynamics caters to a variety of industries such as automotive, defense, and rail sectors. Each product is meticulously engineered to meet the specific requirements of their clients, contributing to the company's reputation as a trusted partner. 

HydraPower Dynamics' success can be attributed to its comprehensive understanding of the needs of its clients, its dedication to continuous research and development, and its commitment to delivering top-tier customer service. As a member of the ParkOhio family, HydraPower Dynamics continues to expand its reach, bringing its advanced fluid power solutions to a global clientele. 

Product Snapshot

HydraPower Dynamics, a leading innovator in the fluid power solutions industry, offers a dynamic range of products. Their Manipulated Tube Assemblies provide custom solutions by leveraging tube bending capabilities ranging from 4mm to 76mm diameter, showcasing their commitment to meeting diverse application needs. In Fabricated Tubes, HydraPower utilizes a wide array of materials, underlining their comprehensive fabrication capabilities that result in the production of high-quality tubular products. 

Moreover, HydraPower excels in the creation of Hose Assemblies, demonstrating versatility and expertise in matching a broad range of construction and application types. These assemblies are reinforced with fire and burst protective sleeves, enhancing safety without compromising functionality. In the realm of Shaped/Formed Nylon, the company provides custom-designed, permanent-form retaining nylon featuring a variety of terminations and composite interfaces, ideal for withstanding specific temperature and pressure requirements. 

Their Silicone/EPDM Hose Products come in diverse sizes and shapes, accommodating various end expansions/reductions and branches, and are available in multiple colors. In addition to these, HydraPower stocks an array of tube fittings and adaptors, including 37-degree flare (JIC), BSP, DIN, ORFS & NPTF. This broad spectrum of components complements their extensive range of hose and tube applications, offering added value to customers. 

Driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, HydraPower Dynamics sets itself apart, providing robust fluid power solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reliability. 


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HydraPower Dynamics Careers

HydraPower dynamics is persistently searching for talented and skilled individuals to join their diverse and highly recognized team.

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