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PMC Colinet

CNC lathe machine or turning machine cutting the thread at the end of metal pipe or tube.

With a century-long legacy of engineering excellence, PMC-Colinet stands as a testament to innovation and quality. Originating from two robust establishments, PMC Industries founded in 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio, and M.P. Colinet, created in 1921 in Le Roeulx, Belgium. PMC manufactures tool rotating equipment and Colinet manufactured product rotating machines. 

In 1999, PMC-Colinet found its new home under the esteemed umbrella of ParkOhio. This pivotal integration fortified the company's position in the global market, empowering it to tackle the challenges imposed by the forces of globalization and fluctuating oil markets. 

As a part of the ParkOhio family, PMC-Colinet continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, leveraging advanced technologies to engineer solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. With each passing day, PMC-Colinet reinforces its status as a dominant player in a rapidly shifting market, upholding its rich heritage while continually innovating to address the industry's evolving demands.

Product Snapshot

PMC-Colinet excels in designing and manufacturing top-notch threading and finishing machines. Their robust product portfolio includes Pipe Threaders, renowned for precision and durability, and Coupling Threaders that deliver unmatched efficiency in coupling operations. The company's Facing Machines ensure high-quality machining for a variety of applications, while their Cutoff Machines offer optimal cutting performance. 

The Starter/Screw-On Machines automatically apply and tighten pipe couplings to specific position or torque requirements with high accuracy and industry leading productivity. Drifters, available in either full-stroke or short-stroke designs, are offered as either stand-alone machines or as an add on to the coupling starter and screw-on machines. The walking beam, transfer tables and range of Ancillary Lines showcases PMC-Colinet's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Their extensive Aftermarket Support is testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, providing reliable spare parts, a dedicated customer service team, and expert technicians for machinery repair and overhaul. Through its products and services, PMC-Colinet continues to set standards for quality and performance in the global market.


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Coupling Threaders

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Cutoff Machines

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PMC Colinet Careers

PMC-Colinet is perpetually in search of accomplished professionals who can bring their talent and skills to their wide-ranging and highly-respected team.

Contact PMC Colinet

PMC Colinet
1745 Overland Avenue
Warren, OH 44483
Phone: +1 440 943-3300
Fax: +1 440 944-1974

MP Colinet, sprlu
Faubourg de Mignault 17
B-7070 Le Roeulx , Belgium
Phone: 32-64-67-37-77
Fax: 32-64-67-32-67