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The ParkOhio Investor Center provides information, news, and data for current and prospective investors. Within these pages, you can access stock data, download recent financial statements, and research historical financial data to support your investment decisions and strategies.

The information contained on the pages that follow is accurate only as of the date indicated. Specific information contained in these pages will not be updated beyond the date indicated.

Stay informed with the latest updates and developments from ParkOhio in the News section. Here, we regularly post press releases, company announcements, and other essential information that keeps our investors and stakeholders up-to-date with our progress and milestones. Whether it's a new partnership, product launch, or a pivotal business decision, you'll find all the relevant news here to stay connected with our journey.

In our Presentations section, explore in-depth insights into ParkOhio’s strategy, performance, and market outlook. This section includes a comprehensive collection of presentations from our executive team, delivered at various conferences, earnings calls, and investor meetings. These presentations provide a deeper understanding of our business model, operational highlights, and our roadmap for future growth.

SEC Filings
The SEC Filings section is dedicated to providing investors with direct access to our official documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings include annual and quarterly reports, proxy statements, and other regulatory documents that offer a transparent view of our financial health and compliance status. Staying informed about our regulatory submissions is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of our financial and corporate governance practices.

Annual Reports
Our Annual Reports section offers a detailed year-end review of our company's financial performance, strategic achievements, and future outlook. These reports are an essential read for investors and stakeholders interested in understanding our yearly progress, the challenges we've faced, and how we're positioning ourselves for sustained success. Each report is a testament to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and long-term value creation.

Governance is at the heart of our company's integrity and sustainability. In this section, learn about our governance structure, including information about our board of directors, corporate policies, and ethical practices. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure responsible decision-making, accountability, and alignment with our shareholders' interests.

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