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GH Group

Employee removes glowing forged steel component from furnace.

GH Group, headquartered in Valencia, Spain, stands as a global powerhouse in the world of induction heating. Established in 1961, GH Group has cultivated over six decades of international know-how, leading the charge in innovative induction technology. With a strong customer base of more than 4000 and growing, the company demonstrates a robust blend of reliability and groundbreaking innovation. 

Through the years, GH Group has extended its services to a diverse range of industrial sectors, fostering a multitude of synergies that strengthen its operations and service delivery. It is this diversity and industry-spanning expertise that sets GH Group apart as a leader in its field. As a subsidiary of ParkOhio since 2019, GH Group continues its journey of innovation, bolstered by the solid backing and extensive capabilities of a globally recognized entity. Together, they strive to expand the boundaries of induction technology, delivering exceptional solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. 

Product Snapshot

GH Group proudly offers a comprehensive array of advanced induction heating solutions tailored to various industrial requirements. With a profound understanding of diverse sectors, they provide optimal solutions for processes such as annealing, normalizing, bonding, and brazing, including the specialized brazing of short-circuit rings for electrical motors. Their services extend to cap sealing, coating and fusing, and drying, ensuring comprehensive coverage for numerous applications. 

For industries requiring metal manipulation, GH Group's expertise in forging, forming, hardening, and tempering stands unparalleled. They also offer heating, shrink fitting, soldering, straightening, and stress relief services, consistently delivering exceptional results. With capabilities extending to susceptor heating, vacuum processes, and welding, GH Group ensures versatility across a wide range of industrial applications. Their robust product portfolio demonstrates their commitment to innovation, reliability, and superior service delivery, solidifying GH Group's place as a leading provider of induction heating solutions worldwide.


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GH Group Careers

GH Group is continually on the lookout for accomplished individuals, ready to contribute their unique skills and talents to their diverse and highly esteemed team.

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