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Southwest Steel Processing

Group of molten hot steel parts being processed

Southwest Steel Processing (SSP), a subsidiary of ParkOhio, is a premier steel processing company that specializes in forging high-volume custom parts using advanced automation. Their fully automated process allows us to produce high-quality parts at a high volume, up to 2,000 parts per day, per forging line. This translates to cost-savings and improved quality for our customers. 

Founded in 2002, The company is located in Newport, Arkansas, where they began with a forging facility and a 6,000-ton mechanical forging press line dedicated to standard railcar products. Since then, they have expanded our capabilities to include a 7,000-ton press line, two 1,000-ton press lines, machining, heat treating and finishing capabilities serving many industries. 

SSP is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Their quality management systems meet international standards, ensuring that they consistently deliver products that fulfill customer and regulatory requirements. 

Their focus on innovation, efficiency, and quality has helped them become a trusted partner to a wide range of industries including rail, construction, mining, energy, and more.  

Product Snapshot

SSP specializes in supplying raw, rough, or fully machined forgings, and provides heat treating and induction hardening services. Their goal is to provide their customers with custom solutions that meet their unique needs and help them achieve their goals.

SSP has the capability to forge quarterly, semi-annual, or annual production amounts, and can keep parts in inventory at no cost to the customer. This enables shipping only when the customer requires them, saving time and money.

Their forging presses, built by Ajax/CECO/Erie Press, are the best on the market and are equipped with material handling robotic automation to ensure repeatable, consistent quality. Their forging capabilities range from 30-300 pounds.

SSP prides themselves on their ability to provide high-quality products and services that meet the needs of their customers. All their forging lines are equipped with the latest technologies, and our quality management systems meet international standards. Their team of skilled professionals works closely with customers to ensure that their products meet their exact specifications.


High-Volume forgings from 30-300 Pounds

Raw, Rough, or Fully Machined Forgings

Heat Treating and Induction Hardening


Single Source

Complimentary Stocking


Solid Modeling & In-House Die Making

Heat Treating


Southwest Steel Processing

ParkOhio Case Study

Southwest Steel Processing (SSP) is the product of a strategic collaboration between ParkOhio and Arkansas Steel. Recognizing a gap in the domestic forging industry, the collaboration marked a significant milestone as the company’s first-ever complete greenfield startup.

Multiple custom-made steel parts
Two workers in hardhats walk across a factory floor

Southwest Steel Processing Careers

SSP strives to attract skilled and talented individuals to join their diverse and award-winning team of professionals.

Contact Southwest Steel Processing

Southwest Steel Processing
4900 Lighthouse Drive
Newport, AR 72112
Phone: (870) 523-8791
Fax: (870) 523-5608