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Two cylindrical pieces of equipment used for induction heating solutions for the bar, tube and wire industries.

Founded in 1966, SAET quickly emerged as an emblem of Italian innovation and engineering prowess, by being a leading provider of induction technology and applications. A decade and a half into the 21st century, in 2006, SAET embarked on a strategic journey by acquiring EMMEDI, a best-in-class supplier of a full line of products and induction solutions to the bar, tube and wire industries. This acquisition marked a pivotal point in the company's history, birthing the new identity of SAET EMMEDI and bringing together two powerhouses of the industry. 

With a renewed focus on cutting-edge induction heating solutions, SAET EMMEDI continued to lead the way in technological advancements and quality craftsmanship. The dynamic fusion of these two brands led to a surge in growth and recognition on a global scale. 

A significant leap forward occurred in 2016 when ParkOhio, a leading logistics services provider and manufacturer of highly engineered products, acquired SAET EMMEDI. As part of this transition, SAET EMMEDI joined the ranks of Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation group of companies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Park-Ohio Industries. The integration into this global conglomerate fortified SAET EMMEDI's position in the industry, enhancing its ability to deliver top-tier, efficient, and sustainable induction heating solutions to clients around the world. 

Product Snapshot

Embodying its commitment to top-tier technology, SAET EMMEDI presents an array of advanced induction heating solutions. Spanning across Machines, Process Development Laboratory, Pre-design strategies, Power Supplies, and Coils, and comprehensive Aftermarket and Support Services, the company caters to the diverse needs of various sectors globally. 

Their Machines, from induction hardening and tempering machines, to heat treatment systems, showcase an innovative blend of efficiency, precision, and reliability, driving productivity and quality in operations. Power Supplies, including different topologies and technologies, deliver unparalleled energy efficiency and control, enabling optimal performance in diverse industrial environments. 

The company's Coils are bespoke and meticulously crafted to ensure maximum efficiency and durability, embodying Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Finally, SAET EMMEDI's comprehensive Aftermarket and Support Services ensure their products' longevity and optimal performance, offering rapid response, spare parts, and training to clients worldwide. 

Together, these products and services manifest SAET EMMEDI's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, underscoring its role as a trusted global provider of induction heating solutions. 


Advanced Hardening Process for Engine Parts (Valves, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Flywheel

Hardening and Tempering Processes for Driveline Components

Treatment of Hub & Spindle Wheel Bearings

Heat Treating Track Pins, Rollers, Bushings, Sprockets, Wheel Idlers, Track Links

Large Bearings Hardening and Tempering Machines

Induction Seamless Hardening Equipment for Bearings

Special Heat Treating Machines Tailored to Very Specific Needs

Brass Billet Heater

Bar Forging Partial Heating System

Induction Equipment for Billet Heating


Maintenance & Repairs

Hardware & Software Products Upgrade

Field Modification & Equipment Retrofit

Training Courses

Spare Parts

Preventative Predictive Maintenance Software

Two workers in hardhats walk across a factory floor


SAET EMMEDI is consistently on the hunt for talented and skilled professionals to join their diverse and esteemed team.


Via Torino 213
10040 Leini TO, Italy
Phone: +39 011 99 77 999