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Pines Engineering

Large blue and yellow tube and pipe bending, end-forming equipment in Pines factory.

Pines Engineering, a subsidiary of ParkOhio since 2013, is a global leader in designing and manufacturing tube and pipe bending and end-forming equipment. Recognized for its commitment to excellence, Pines, which is also part of Ajax Tocco Magnethermic, harnesses advanced technology to produce high-quality machinery, setting industry standards for precision, efficiency, and reliability. Their robust machinery caters to high-volume production, ensuring superior quality and cost-effectiveness for our customers. 

Headquartered in Warren, Ohio, Pines has been at the forefront of tube and pipe-bending technology since its inception in 1943. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes CNC benders, bender tooling and accessories, end finishing machinery, and more, catering to the diverse needs of various industries across the globe. 

Pines is devoted to delivering unparalleled customer service and superior products. Their quality management systems align with international standards, guaranteeing the consistent delivery of solutions that exceed both customer and regulatory expectations. 

Their emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and quality has secured their position as a trusted partner to a plethora of industries, including automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing, HVAC, and more.

Product Snapshot

Pines Engineering boasts an extensive product line tailored to meet the diverse needs of sectors including automotive, aerospace, and defense, among others. Their selection of manual tube and pipe benders, revered for their durability and precision, is unrivaled in the industry. 

Their cutting-edge Electric CNC Tube & Pipe Benders exemplify their commitment to innovation, delivering impeccable efficiency and consistency. For projects demanding versatility, Pines' Hybrid CNC Tube & Pipe Benders blend the best of manual and electric technologies. 

The 660 End Finishing Machine, known for its robust performance, is another valuable addition to Pines' arsenal. In addition, their Extrusion Benders provide exceptional functionality for intricate bending tasks. The Vertical Compression NC Tube Benders offer a specialized solution for high-volume production applications. 

Pines' approach goes beyond product supply; they aim to provide customer-centric solutions that resonate with unique operational needs. They manage a comprehensive parts inventory, ready for delivery when customers need them, fostering efficiency. 

With a relentless pursuit of quality, all their product lines feature advanced technology, and their quality management systems adhere to global standards. A team of seasoned professionals collaboratively work with clients to ensure their requirements are perfectly catered to. 


Manual Tube and Pipe Benders

Electric CNC Tube and Pipe Benders

Hybrid CNC Tube and Pipe Benders

660 End Finishing Machine

Extrusion Benders

Vertical Compression Tube Benders

CNC and NC Bender Control Upgrades


H&H Tooling

Standard Draw Bending Tooling

Uni-Flex Mandrels

Wiper Dies and Tips

Reverse Interlocking Draw Bend Tools

Compound Tooling

Serpentine Tooling

Tooling for Square and Rectangle

Vertical Bender Tooling

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Pines Engineering Careers

Pines is passionately pursuing talented and skilled individuals to augment their diverse and esteemed team.

Contact Pines Engineering

Pines Engineering
1745 Overland Ave. N.E.
Warren, OH 44483
Phone: (440) 278-7200
Fax: (440) 278-7210