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Leadership at ParkOhio

At ParkOhio, we understand that great leadership is the cornerstone of our success. We are proud to introduce a leadership team whose breadth of experience, vision, and commitment have been pivotal in positioning us as a leader in the industrial sector. Each member of our leadership team plays a crucial role in ensuring our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service is upheld in all our endeavors. 

Each of these leaders brings unique insights and an unwavering dedication to the work we do at ParkOhio. They are committed to steering the company towards its strategic objectives while upholding our core values.

Meet the esteemed individuals at the helm of our organization: 

Matthew V. Crawford

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Director of Park-Ohio Holdings Corp

Mr. Matthew V. Crawford, our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of ParkOhio Holdings Corp., boasts an impressive tenure within the company. Having held various key positions over the years, Mr. Crawford's in-depth understanding of our capabilities, customers, and operating approach significantly contributes to our strategic oversight and business operations. 

Patrick W. Fogarty

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Patrick W. Fogarty, our Vice President & Chief Financial Officer since 2015, has a rich history with ParkOhio. His journey with us, which started in 1995, coupled with his previous experience at Ernst and Young, solidifies his financial leadership and strategic acumen within our organization. 

Robert D. Vilsack

Secretary and Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Robert D. Vilsack has been Secretary and Chief Legal Officer of ParkOhio Holdings Corp. Serving as Secretary and Chief Legal Officer since 2002, Mr. Robert D. Vilsack brings a wealth of legal expertise to Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. His experience spans both the private legal practice and the corporate sector, providing us with invaluable counsel and strategic guidance.