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Control Transformer

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Control Transformer Inc. (CTI) has been a prominent designer and manufacturer of custom magnetics products since 1953, with a rich legacy that spans over six decades of experience in diverse markets. Founded by Oscar Bowden in his garage, CTI started as a humble venture supplying transformers to Reliance Electric Corporation in Euclid, Ohio. From that one-man operation, it has grown into a globally recognized provider of Custom Engineered Magnetics, housed in a modern facility, and integrated under ParkOhio. 

The foundation of CTI's success lies in its commitment to quality. The company steadfastly believes in offering only top-notch products, constructed from the highest-grade materials. The idea that compromising on quality is unacceptable echoes throughout the company, from its historic development of durable transformers for rigorous underground mining operations to its contemporary innovative designs. 

Today, the team at CTI brings together a wealth of experience in Engineering, Sales, Purchasing, and Manufacturing. Each team member embodies the core values of CTI, taking personal pride in ensuring every product built exceeds the expected product lifecycle. This unyielding dedication to excellence sets CTI apart, ensuring customers consistently receive products crafted with the utmost care and superior craftsmanship.

Product Snapshot

Control Transformer Inc. prides itself on offering an extensive portfolio of custom-engineered products designed to cater to your unique specifications. Their range includes transformers with power ranges from 0.5-5000 KVA, voltages up to 15 KV, and frequencies from 25 to 10 KHZ. These transformers, constructed to the highest standards including UL, CSA, and ISO 9001, encompass dry type, water-cooled, high current or voltage, high reactance and impedance, and explosion-proof transformers among others. 

In addition to transformers, CTI engineers a wide variety of reactors and chokes, offered in both dry-type and water-cooled models. These include load reactors, current limiting, air core, and iron core reactors, as well as filter/line and swinging choke/variable inductance chokes. 

The product offering extends to custom-engineered inductors and magnetics, all designed by their experienced engineering department. These products provide a broad frequency range, high current, and voltage capabilities, and can accommodate custom harmonic environments. 

CTI offers custom-engineered enclosures, available in standard NEMA 1-12 and IP standards, with ventilated, totally enclosed, and epoxy-encapsulated options in carbon and stainless-steel constructions. Custom dimensions and paint colors are available to meet specific requirements.






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Control Transformer Careers

CTI is consistently on the hunt for talented and skilled professionals to join their diverse and esteemed team.

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Control Transformer
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