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Pillar Induction

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Pillar Induction, a ParkOhio subsidiary under Ajax Tocco Magnathermic, is a renowned leader in the design, manufacturing, and service of induction heating equipment. Initially established in 1966, Pillar joined the Ajax Tocco Organization in 2011, further strengthening its position within the industry. 

The company operates out of Brookfield, Wisconsin, where it houses state-of-the-art facilities equipped to handle a wide array of industry demands. Pillar's product offerings extend from power supplies and heat stations to coil manufacturing and induction systems, thereby catering to a diverse range of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, and more. 

Pillar takes immense pride in providing top-tier customer service, and its commitment to delivering quality products and services is unwavering. With a comprehensive quality management system that meets international standards, Pillar ensures consistent delivery of solutions that meet both customer and regulatory requirements. 

Their emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and superior quality forms the core of their operation, establishing Pillar as a trusted partner in numerous industries worldwide. 

Product Snapshot

Pillar Induction excels in the manufacturing of induction heating systems that cater to a broad spectrum of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and more. Their sophisticated product line includes Power Supply Units, Heat Stations, Induction Coils, and Coil Manufacturing Services. 

Pillar's Power Supply Units are designed for versatile, efficient, and high-performance power delivery, offering customers power solutions that perfectly suit their unique applications. Meanwhile, the Heat Stations, developed using advanced technology, ensure optimal thermal processing for enhanced product quality and output. 

Their induction coils, meticulously designed and crafted, play a key role in transferring the energy to the workpiece, thus defining the efficiency of the heating process. Additionally, Pillar's Coil Manufacturing Services provide customers with high-quality, custom-designed coils tailored to meet their exact specifications. 

Pillar's commitment to high standards of quality and performance is evident in their product offerings. Their in-depth knowledge, technical capabilities, and adherence to international standards allow them to ensure that all products consistently meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. 


Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Melting Equipment

Precious Metal Metalting Systems

Induction Coils

Forging and Forming Equipment

Water Cooling Systems


Induction Coil Rebuilds, Repairs, and Retrofit

Preventative Maintenance


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Pillar Induction Careers

Pillar Induction, a leader in the supply and application of Induction Heating & Melting technology, continually seeks to strengthen our service and support capabilities.  

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Pillar Induction
21905 Gateway Road
Brookfield, WI 53045
Phone: (262) 317-5300