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Supply Technologies

Assembly line with employees and multiple blue bins of various parts and components.

Supply Technologies (Supply Tech), a subsidiary of ParkOhio, is a leading provider of fastener and small component supply chain management services, renowned for its proficiency in logistics, inventory control, and cost reduction. With their diverse network of global suppliers Supply Technologies ensures efficient delivery of high-quality components, leading to improved operational productivity and cost benefits for clients. 

Supply Technologies has a rich history dating back to the mid 19th century manufacturing bolts and nuts. The business is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and operates a network of over 70 distribution centers on three continents. The company initially focused on fastener distribution, but over the years, has evolved its capabilities to encompass a complete range of supply chain services, including inventory management, logistics, sourcing, and procurement, serving a multitude of industries. 

Supply Technologies is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding products and services. Their quality management systems adhere to international standards, which guarantees that they consistently deliver results that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements. 

Their emphasis on innovation, operational efficiency, and superior quality has positioned them as a trusted partner to a wide array of industries including automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, and more. Supply Technologies' commitment to utilizing leading-edge technology and best industry practices continues to solidify their reputation as a leading supply chain solutions provider. 

Product Snapshot

Supply Technologies offers a diversified product portfolio that includes Board Hardware, Bolts, Cable Ties and Accessories, Cold Forming, Extruded Rubber, Fan Guards/Shielding, Labels/Die Cuts, Nuts/Washers/Die Casting, Plastic Moldings, Rivets, Screws, Springs and Wire Forms, Stampings, and Wiring Accessories. This comprehensive offering enables OEM and tier manufacturers from a diverse array of sectors to benefit from a single source approach to their hardware needs.. 

With a strong emphasis on providing custom solutions, Supply Technologies leverages its extensive technical capabilities to meet unique customer needs. The company can manage supply chain demands, irrespective of production volumes, and provide inventory storage, ensuring timely delivery as per customer requirements, thus reducing working capital. 

Supply Tech takes great pride in offering high-quality products and unparalleled service. Backed by leading-edge technology and internationally accredited quality management systems, Supply Tech ensures its products align precisely with customer specifications. The team of professionals at Supply Tech works closely with customers, tailoring solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Supply Technologies overall value proposition enables customers to improve their overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 


Threaded Fasteners


Cable Ties and Accessories

Cold Forming

Extruded Rubber

Fan Guards/Shielding

Labels/Die Cuts

Nuts/Washers/Die Casting

Plastic Moldings



Springs and Wire Forms


Wiring Accessories


Custom Programs

Seamless Implementation

Efficiency and Profitability Support

Supply Chain Management


Sub Assembly


Line Sequencing

Integrated Supply

VA/VE Services

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Supply Technologies Careers

Supply Tech is continually on the lookout for skilled and talented individuals to join their diverse and highly-regarded team. 

Contact Supply Technologies

Supply Technologies
6065 Parkland Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44124
Phone: (440) 947-2100
Fax: (440) 947-2299