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Delo Screw

Set of nuts and bolts.

Delo Screw Products is a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer, known for its expertise in the production of CNC machined products, Swiss type turning products, machined parts, turned parts, and screw machine products. Supporting a variety of industry needs, Delo caters to both low and high volume requirements across all major industries. Its diverse product portfolio includes outlets, inlets, inserts, unions, plugs, bushings, spacers, plungers, and nuts, made from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Committed to excellence, Delo aims to be the preferred supplier, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations in service, quality, cost, and delivery. Their corporate strength and stability, global experience, and highly developed supply chain partners set them apart. With a broad spectrum of capabilities and services, Delco is capable of meeting diverse needs with ASN, EDI, and JIT capabilities, integrated data networks, and leveraged buying. RoHS/REACH/AB1953 Low Lead compliant, Delco also provides robust inventory management solutions, cementing their position as a trusted partner in the global supply chain. 

Product Snapshot

Delo Screw Products caters to a broad spectrum of industries, underlining their adaptability and proficiency in the production of CNC machined products. Their clientele spans the agriculture, appliance, automotive, fire suppression, HVAC, hydraulics, instruments and controls, medical, plating, plumbing, and trucking industries, amongst others. This extensive industry footprint demonstrates Delco's commitment to versatility and quality. 

For each of these sectors, Delo offers tailored product solutions. This includes everything from plugs, unions, and connectors for agricultural applications, to bushings and spline nuts for automotive needs. Their expertise manifests in specialized fire suppression nozzles and inserts, quick connects, unions, and hex nuts for hydraulics and HVAC applications, and high-precision components like set screws, shafts, and pins for medical equipment. They even cater to plumbing requirements with stems, spindles, outlet nuts, and main bodies, and support the heavy trucking industry with robust spuds, plugs, and plungers. Delo's extensive product range is further enhanced by their plating services, offering zinc, nickel, gray zinc phosphate, and anodizing/alodizing options to meet diverse customer needs. 





Inlets and Outlets


Spline Nuts



Quick Connects

Hex Nuts




Risk Avoidance

Inventory Mangement

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Delo Screw Careers

Delo Screw is consistently on the lookout for proficient and accomplished professionals to become part of their wide-ranging and highly esteemed team.

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