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Autoform Tool & Manufacturing

Sparks fly during industrial metal stamping process.

Autoform Tool & Manufacturing (ATM), a subsidiary of ParkOhio, was established in 1996 to cater to the evolving needs of the fuel delivery system market. Known for its specialization in stainless steel materials, ATM has swiftly grown into a leading supplier of direct injection fuel rails, high-pressure inlet and crossover pipes, and conventional low-pressure multi-port injection fuel rails, delivering the finest components and systems to the industry. 

At ATM, the in-house engineering and tooling capabilities serve as a significant competitive advantage. The company operates a comprehensive prototyping and tool room facility, ensuring seamless project management from concept to completion, eliminating the need for outsourcing. 

ATM has pioneered precise manufacturing processes for fuel system components. The state-of-the-art technology at ATM includes automated CNC tube benders, laser welders and hole borers, laser vision systems, non-contact gauging, high pressure helium leak testing and induction and furnace brazing. This amalgamation of expertise, technological sophistication, and dedication to quality has firmly positioned ATM as a trusted partner in the industry.

Product Snapshot

Autoform Tool & Manufacturing (ATM) stands out in the industry for its dedicated workforce, extensively trained and managed to ensure the production of high-quality, cost-effective products. ATM's focus is unwavering – build quality into each product while maintaining high personal integrity in an environment that values respect for the individual and the customer. 

The company's legacy is deeply rooted in its adeptness in tooling and equipment design. Today, this competency remains at the core of ATM's offerings, providing customers with a complete range of services, from conceptualization to production. 

Customize tooling to precisely match the customer's application, thus streamlining manufacturing and ensuring efficient servicing of any equipment they produce. By adhering to stringent principles guided by customer satisfaction, ATM consistently delivers products that meet or exceed expectations, further solidifying its industry reputation. 


High-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Rail

High-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Crossover Pipe

Low-Pressure Port Fuel Injection Rail

Low-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Pipe

Low Carbon Painted Upper Manifold Coolant Tube

High-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Inlet Pipe

Various End Forms

High-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Pump Cover

Low-Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Inlet Pipe





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ATM Careers

Supply Tech is continually on the lookout for skilled and talented individuals to join their diverse and highly-regarded team. 

Contact ATM

Autoform Tool & Manufacturing
1501 Wohlert Street
Angola, IN 46703
Phone: (260) 624-2014
Fax: (260) 624-2017