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Fluid Routing Solutions

Sheets of silver metal lying across industrial rollers on a conveyor belt

Fluid Routing Solutions (FRS) represents two of the Automotive Components Group’s product lines: Extruded Rubber Products and Fuel Filler Systems.  

FRS Extrude Rubber Products is a globally recognized TS 16949 certified contract manufacturer, known for its expertise in the production of rubber extruded products, supporting a variety of automotive and industrial global applications. Its diverse product portfolio includes mono and multilayer extruded hose. FRS Extruded Rubber Products aims to be the preferred supplier, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations in service, quality, cost, and delivery. Their in-house rubber mixing capabilities, engineers, degreed chemists, and global experience, set them apart.  

FRS Fuel Filler Systems is a globally recognized TS 16949 certified Tier 1 manufacturer and is a leading supplier to a variety of global automotive and medium duty truck OEMs. FRS Fuel Filler Systems offers a variety of materials to support the customer’s needs, meeting rigid fuel permeation and crash requirements. An experienced engineering and manufacturing team provides support from design to qualification. 

Product Snapshot

FRS Extruded Rubber Products stands out in the industry for its resolute workforce, extensively trained and managed to ensure the production of high-quality, cost-effective products. FRS Extruded Rubber Products supplies multiple hose constructions to a variety of OEMs in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 capacities. The recent development of a line of air conditioning hoses demonstrates their commitment to continuously expanding their product portfolio. 

FRS Fuel Filler Systems offers a variety of metal constructions to meet the demanding needs of the major global OEMs. FRS Fuel Filler Systems is an experienced and flexible volume supplier utilizing automated manufacturing systems supported by 30+ robots, comprehensive metal forming capabilities, and broad attachment processes. From ZiNi coated low carbon steel with premium corrosion paint to stainless steel, FRS continues to lead in the manufacturing of complex fuel filler systems. 


Extruded Rubber Hose

  • Gasoline Barrier Fuel Filler and Vent  
  • Diesel Fuel Filler and Vent  
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Transmission Oil Coolant  
  • Power Steering Return 
  • Engine Cooling 
  • In-House Rubber Mixing 

Fuel Filler 

  • Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Fill Assemblies 
  • Lev 3 Compliant  
  • Capped and Capless Offerings 
  • SS 304, SUS436, & ZnNi coated LCS 

In-House Paint/Powder Coating

Multiple fuel filler pipe contractions

Single + multi layer plastic fuel lines

Molded rubber and plastic-cartridge seals

Oil grease seals

Diaphragm/boots/valve seals

Mechanical face seal

Custom molded components

Window washer hoses

Engine and transmission oil cooling hoses

Sunproof drain hoses

Vacuum brake hose

Fuel system and components 


Product Design


Program Management


Tool Design

Advanced Product & Manufacturing Engineering


Two workers in hardhats walk across a factory floor

Fluid Routing Solutions Careers

FRS is persistently searching for talented and skilled individuals to join their diverse and highly recognized team. 

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Fluid Routing Solutions