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A black, ridged pattern hose assembly is coiled into a circle, stacking on itself.

Since 1974 Bates has established a well-earned reputation for providing high quality, tight tolerance hose assemblies and industrial gaskets.  Assemblies and components ship worldwide and are used in the automotive, heavy truck, electric vehicle, and industrial market segments. Products are manufactured in a state of the art 214,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cd. Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico.   

Manufacturing capabilities consist of rubber and nylon extrusion, thermoplastic extrusion, hose forming, assembly, automation and testing.  Value added services include cut-to-length, end fittings, connectors, hose forming, in-house tooling, and automated assembly.  Comprehensive testing  includes leak, permeation, pull-off force, and flow testing.  The Bates brand of products offers vertical integration reducing customer costs by supplying multiple systems and components.  Material expertise in rubber and plastics and process expertise in design, tooling, manufacturing, and application engineering enable us to provide our customers with premium products at attractive prices. 

 Bates is unmatched in its speed-to-market, which is critical as hoses typically experience multiple adaptations to meet engine design changes.  Our industry expertise provides the ability to quickly design the optimal solution using the ideal material.  State-of-the-art hose forming capabilities enables Bates to pre-form hoses resulting in enhanced cycle times, tight tolerances, low scrap, and less labor resulting in best in class cost and quality.

Product Snapshot

Product offerings include both low and medium pressure rubber hoses, nylon hoses (single & multilayer), thermoplastic tubes, and rubber gaskets.  Hoses can be custom blended and sized to meet OEM specifications.  In the automotive segment you will find Bates hoses spanning the entire length of the vehicle, from the rear liftgate to the engine compartment.  Our hose assemblies are an integral part of vehicle emission systems as they provide the means to circulate fuel and oil vapor thru various engine inlets and, with integrated leak detection sensors, alert the driver of emission leaks. Fluid transfer is another staple of our product portfolio which consists of window washer hose assemblies, sunroof drain hoses, and HVAC drain hoses.  Providing venting outlets is another core capability of Bates and includes Transmission Vent Hoses, Axle Vent Hoses, Battery Vent Hoses, and Crankcase Vent Hoses.  

Bates is also recognized as the leading supplier of industrial pail and barrel gaskets in the consumer goods industry.  Vertical integration of rubber mixing, extrusion, vulcanization, and bonding technology provides Bates with a cost competitive advantage. 


Evaporative Emission System Hose Assemblies 
  • Positive Crank Vent (PCV) Hoses 
  • Make-Up-Air (MUA) Hoses 
  • Purge Hoses 
  • Canister Hoses
  • Evaporative System Integrity Monitor (ESIM) Hoses 
Vent Hoses 
  • Axle Vent 
  • Transmission Vent 
  • Crankcase Vent 
  • Power Transfer Unit (PTU) Vent 
  • Battery Vent 
Fresh Air Lines 

Fuel Filler Pressure Sensor hose assemblies

Fuel Filler Recirculation Lines

Sunroof Drain Hoses

Window and Camera Washer Hoses

HVAC Hoses

Air Line Assemblies (Air Suspension) 

Pail & Barrell Gaskets 


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30000 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: (586) 747-6723